About Mark.

Code Poet.

I grew up in Paradise, Indiana: next to Newburgh which is a suburb of Evansville. Although I played just about every sport that was offered, I spent most of my free time in front of a computer learning to code (BASIC, COBOL, Visual Basic, c, c++ at that time), modifying hardware, building DOOR games for Spitfire BBS software and learning the skills that would make me the nerd that I am today.

With the help of some of my best friends, I founded, built and maintained Project -x-: a cyber cafe and geek refuge located above my friend Jason's computer store Budget PC in a loft-space. From this facility, I shot some of the videos that would eventually put Extreme Overclocking on the map for hardware hackers across the world.

I next moved to Louisville, Kentucky where I established a career in internet branding, search engine optimization and programming (Visual Basic 6, .Net 1.0-4.5, SQL Server, TFS, HTML5, jQuery, WCF, MVC, etc). I currently run the Louisville .Net Developer LinkedIn group which is over 200 developers strong and growing. I have worked on some of the largest and high-traffic websites in the area. My free time is spent keeping up to date with the latest programming offerings on any and all platforms I can get ahold of.