Mark Hagan

I want to teach you how to code!

Programming is fun and I want to show you how to make cool things. Mark Hagan Dot Me was originally created to be a portfolio of my development work, but it quickly turned into a place for me to store my video programming tutorials.

Latest Things

Possible reasons you are here:

  1. You are intersted in networking
    You are in luck: I too am interested in networking! You can connect with me, friend me, follow me, check my branding, hang online with me, text me, or, if you are old-school like me, email me. I look forward to knowing you!
  2. You need help with something
    One of my favorite things to do is brainstorm with friends in an effort to solve programming problems. If there is something that you could use help with (we will limit topics to programming, project planning, SQL, etc) then please feel free to email or text me.
  3. You are curious about what I am up to
    I can't blame you there. I have put together some screenshots with explanation of a few of the projects I am able to show you. Keep in mind that most of my work is propritary and I am unable to show it off (event to you, my friends). That being said, here are some projects that I am currently excited about:
Extreme Overclocking Forums

Extreme Overclocking Forums

The Extreme Overclocking Forums are some of the oldest forums still around. My friend Jason and I started them to create a community where like-minded geeks could come spend some free time talking about their hobby: overclocking. Join up and learn some things.

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Lovan Mornings freshly roasted, award-winning, Jeffersonville Coffee Roaster

Lovan Mornings Coffee

Named after my lovely wife, Abby Lovan Hagan, Lovan Mornings is my introduction of fresh-roasted, award-winning, Fair Trade, Organic coffee to the Jeffersonville, Indiana market. We are unique in that we order only from the farmers who have cupped well enough to place in global coffee cuppings.